You May Doing Wrong by Moving to South Korea

DSC_0122Are you preparing to move to Korea (the capitalist one)?

Or, do you have such a dream to move there in a point in the future?

You should think about it again. I don’t want to demolish your imagination of Korea, but there is a huge problem.

Or, try it, and decide by yourself.

If you ask about my comment.  I have a few things to tell you. This is experience of my 2 years of life in this country.

At first glance, Korea looks to be country of perfectness: Streets are so clean and safe.  People are very peaceful and silent. Everywhere is fulfilled with great innovation of modern times. Transportation system is excellent. There are amazing places to walk around, to do hiking.

However, all those qualities may not work well.

After a while you may feel terrible lonely in this spot of the planet. You will find no human-beings there.

You will take the subway with hundreds of people but none of them will be there. They all have another life in their cyber world. They join that world through their smart phones. You will stare around to catch a couple of eyes, but in vain.

Sometimes you may think you are doing very funny friends in the school or in the workplace. They will demonstrate a great enjoyment with your jokes and speeches. But you will be wrong. They are not enjoying, they  are just playing a role.  You will understand that when you graduate the school or when you change to another work. You may have none (“Zero” plus “You”). I hear that you are telling ” it is same everywhere in all over the world.” No my friend. It is not same everywhere. Definetely, you will make more more good friends in any other country than those you may make in Korea. (bad friends as well)

Lets play with your dreams a bit more.

You know Korean people have Korean faces. You will be different in this country. You may learn Korean better than a normal Korean but still they won’t believe you. You will always be a vegugin (foreigner). It sounds like an animal’s name.

You will ask an address on the street, but ajumma will cover her face and run away from you. Young school girl will also do so. If you are lucky one of them will say; “I speaky no engilishy.” Then purr.

“Hey don’t go. Please.  I know Korean. It is not problem to answer me in Korean.”

You will be talking by yourself…

Anyway Korea is a Heaven if you are talking to yourself just like me.

I admire this country, because I love to be alone.  I can live in here one whole year without making a word to humanbeings. This is inspiring. This is like novels of Haruki Murakami.

Take the subway. Check the app on your smart phone. Go to the place you want to go. Do your works just facetoface with computers or such other creatures -but no humanbeings-.

Then go home and sleep. This world is wonderful. Because you can create a world there that is totally belongs to you.

You may write a long book, a novel. And you may throw it deep into an ocean. No one will read it. That is a good story. A precious one.

Seoul, Korea. March 1, 2015


While I was on their planet 3

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Today when I was looking around a flee market near to Dongmyo Station in Seoul, I encountered by this view.

While I was on their planet 2

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 presetAt the campus of University of Seoul. Korea.

Who left me here!?


While I was on their planet

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South Kore, Seoul, Hoegi…

Sleeping Buddha

Entrence of the Tehmple of Sleeping Buddha (Wat Pho) in Bangkok, Thailand. Probably his family left him there, and went to visit original Sleeping Buddha. Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetTo see rest of photos I took at the Temple of Reclining Buddha, here.


The City (Cavafy), Filmed by Augustin Amri

A film on “The City”, a poem by Greek Poet Constantine Kavafis, written in 1910. Adapted, written, shot, edited, acted and directed by Augustin Amri, Jean Deconinck, Alexei Kirillov Jr, Camille Rozier.

A Small But Very Nice Islamic Charity Bazaar in Seoul

These days there is a very pleasent flea market in Seoul. It is named “Charity Bazaar” which is hold by Islamic Cultural Center of Korea. The place of the event is on the yard of Central Mosque in Itaewon. That place is also famous to be a gathering point for Muslims in the city. Culture and traditional food buffs will undoubtedly be pleased with this experience available in Seoul.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetThis bazaar (or flea market) is going to be there for 3 days.

You can see and buy there some kinds of handmade souvenirs which are mostly made in Turkey. I liked those ceramic pots for sauce the most.  Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetAnother amazing thing is that you can make yourself full with delicious Turkish kebabs. At least as a Turkish resident of Seoul I did so.

To be honest, it is a long time  I haven’t tried such delicious  döner as I ate today.

A nice coincidence, döner chef has a same name with me: Omer Usta.  Omer Usta is a master of his job. He really does well. 

By the way, the price of döner is quite conveniet;

5,000 Won + Free drink.


Together with döner you have chance to order Afghani pilaf, just beside Ömer Usta’s stand.  Moreover, I added some vegetables to my order, then it became a dream food for me.

There are some alternatives for döner like köfte. If you don’t like döner, you can try them. I always prefer döner!

The price for köfte and döner is same.

After eating your food you may try some desserts like sütlaç, baklava, or revani. My choice is sütlaç. It is Turkish style rice puding.

And sure Turkish ice cream….

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

And students of Islamic Culture Center of Korea. I think the most colorful face of this event is those kids around with their traditional dresses.

Although they said they are planning to hold this event annually, I couldn’t wait till next year. Therefore I am planning to go there tomorrow or Sunday, once more. If anyone wants to join me, let me know. We can go together.

The Subway Station Invaded by Green (Seoul)

There is an interesting subway station in Seoul, named Sindap. I think it is one of the most green-friendly stations over the world. More than a subway station, it looks like a beautiful farm. Green invaded both outside and inside of the station.

DSC_0274To see more photos of this station you can check my post on (in Turkish).



Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok


There are so many floating markets in Thailand. While I was in Bangkok, I have chance to visit one of these floating markets, named Taling Chan.  Tropical fruits, fresh fish and seafood, and the scenerio of boats selling whole these things… It was an amazing atmosphere there.

You can see the rest of photos in my post on

Bangkok Floating Market


A few months ago I have been in the Asia’s most mystic capital city, Bangkok. One of the most beautiful place I saw there was that market on the river (actually not river, it is a canal).  The taste of fish I ate there,,, the sound of amateur musician,,, everything was amazing…

You can see some other photos I took there on my post at Seyahatya.


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