Speaking Walls 1 – Istanbul’s Soul on Walls

Hi dear reader! How is it going today?Today I gonna do something differant. Actually it is beginning of a series: SPEAKİNGWALLS

I decided to start a new project. After living for a long time in Istanbul, last week something happened to me. I suddenly awoke. I looked around myself. I noticed that I had been blind to my  environment. I realised that everyting around me are speaking with their own languages. Streats… Walls… Trees… They all have their words to this world. Streats are singing with a kind of murmur which is a cimbination of sound; voices of playing children and singing wind. This harmony is a language. Then walls. They speak, as well. Look around! Don’t you see that all walls of the buildings speak with their colors, with their softness. And most importent one, there are something else on the walls. When you see them you will confirm me.

Now let me alone with my sorrov of passed times. They all were speaking…  but me… I was deaf to them all.

Ok. this is enough, let’s begin with a photo from my city and try to understand what it says.

Speaking Walls 1 - Istanbul's Soul on Walls

This is from Güllübağlar District, in Pendik, ISTANBUL….

I think you have an idea about Istanbul, Turkey’s most-populated city…

On the top you see: (in Turkish language)


Below, it contunies:


On the bottom, there is a sign:


You can see this sign on lots of wall in Istanbul’s street. Not just on Istanbul’s walls, it can be see in everywhere in Turkey…

So what is the ‘çarşı‘? What does it mean?

It means, as a word; Town. Or Bazaar. 

It is used by Beşiktaş’s (famous Turkish football team) fans as their name and sign…

Çarşı has its own slogans, marshes etc, however, it is famous by its political view.

Çarşı has a SOCIALIST, maybe ANARCHIST background. This is the cause of seeing their signs on walls….

We’ll see the ÇARŞI later more. Now this short information is enough.

There is another sign on the wall:




Mhp is a nationalist party of Turkey. And that symbol below it, cCc, is used by nationalists and racist Turks as a flag.

Anyway, this symbol and another symbol of racist Turks, wolf sign, are widespread, as well.

There are another things as you see. They are advertisements, and they make this wall




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