My Friend; Le Arkadash And A Rainy Day in Istanbul

In a rainy day inIstanbul we, me and my best friend Le Arkadash, we went to shore, and spent some time  under water drops. This month mostly is cloudy and rainy in Istanbul. It is my favorite month. Trees drop leaves, this makes a splendid view. For a photoghrapher (like me and Le Arkadash), it is a special time…

My Friend; Le Arkadash And A Rainy Day in Istanbul

By the way I should introduce my buddy, Le Arkadash. He came from a Latin American country. I do not sure which one it is. Maybe it is Chile or Peru, but  I prefer it to be Peru… I bought it from a young girl. I didn’t ask anything to her, but its price. I gave the money she wanted and left there. I didn’t want to learn anything about my friend. I desired to write his story again with him. Over this period we used some clu to make his story. The girl who sold him had an appearence of latin girl, so we suppose that my friend came from a South American country… Later we may focus on its country in more detail…

Today this kind of information about my friend is enough. Next time we are going to talk about its name…

Au Revoir! from Istanbul, Turkey…


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