From Arabian Nights To Kurdish Days

The Arabian Nights – Andrew Lang

In Eastern societies fairy tales take a great  place in life of children. In every family there is someone who is a great fairy-teller. This one is generally such an old woman who gather all children around. And she tells her tales to children, to whom she is sometimes a grandmother, sometimes an aunt, sometimes just a mother, it is not important who she is. Her profession is to amuse children by her  tales. And she does so. She is many in the world. They always have been so far through centuries.  Nobody knows how old they are, or who told them first, the stories.

Middle East Nights

I emphesized about Eastern culture, because I myself grow up in Middle East. My family belongs to  a nomadic Kurdish tribe, Shawaks. This tribe appears in Central Anatolia, and still lives as nomadic. As you can imagine, in nomadic life, you can not find books, cinema… but fairytales… The best entertaintment for a nomadic child is listening fairy tales… So I did when I was a kid. I was waiting nights which were our great amusement. When nights came, our fairyteller were gathering us around her. And  she were telling her stories. The stories were all same. Our fairyteller again and again were telling same stories, but with every listening I was taking a new pleasure.

Then, we grow up. Our life style have turned some differant way.We migrated to city. We have changed. We have had  TV to watch, we have had newspapers and magazines to read…We have no time to listen fairytales.By this way, we have forgotten fairytales and our old fairyteller, grandmother. When someone tried to do this job to us again, we did not take fancy anymore.


Abowe, I said ‘WE HAVE CHANGED’. I think I have to make an exception from that ‘we’. The exception is ME. I have not changed. I always look for our old days. I miss our fairytales. I seek them everywhere.

Finally, I have found my grandmother’s fairytales. I have found them in books… They are all there without sound. They are in form of letters now…

I am 24 years old. I still take a great pleasure from fairy tales. Anymore there is no fairyteller, so I take this treatment from books.

Andrew Lang’s book, the Arabian Nights is such a kind of book. This book also have many tales which I used to listen from my grandmother…

Genius, princesses and princes…

Bad ones and innocent ones…

Sultans and Sultanas…


Persia, India, Kashmer Balsova, Baghdad… shortly Eastern…

Especially Caliph Haroun al Rashid….


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