Isn’t Istanbul Safe for Tourists?


An American woman, a tourist, a photoghrapher, a mother of two sons, found dead in Istanbul. She was visiting Istanbul  for her great passion while ago. Then, she went missing…

Yesterday, Sarai Siera named that woman found dead in Istanbul, in my city….

Now somebody asks that question: Isn’t Istanbul safe for … ?

I wish I could defend my city, my country, but that case isn’t the only one to skip up…Nobody has forgotten the crime of Italian bride, Pippa Bacca yet. While that crimes happen in my country, I cannot defend my city, my country. Yes it is a great city, there are very splendid places to see, it has very nice people to meet, but last incidents make me worry about my city….

The more bad stuation is that such attacks not only happens to tourists, Turkey’s own citizens also can be assaulted. A few weeks ago organised racist attacks against Armenian community made a great horror in Istanbul. In one of the Istanbul’s ancient neighborhoods, Samatya lots of Amenian women have been attacked recent weeks, and one of those women died….

Still is it safe, my city, my beloved place; Istanbul?

I always try to make nice presentation of Istanbul, but today I feel I should make that concern…

Finally, dear reader!

Istanbul still is the best place over the world. Do not cancel your plans to visit there….!


2 Responses to Isn’t Istanbul Safe for Tourists?

  1. globetrottermama says:

    I am so saddened by this. My hearts breaks, Istanbul is my absolute favorite city in the world. This will be the first year in many years that I will not visit. It no longer feels safe. I miss my beloved Turkey.


    • Dogania says:

      dear alejandra we are worried about the stuaiton… but we should not leave the rose because of the thorns around it… istanbul is our rose… and you like her… do not leave your beloved… come again… and again… dont make the rose offended…


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