Tarlabashi: African Side of Istanbul


Tarlabashi is a distinctive neighborhood of Istanbul. It has always been depicting the other face of the city.

During the early decades of the last century, there were living Armenians and other minorities. That century has expelled them cruelly.

Armenians have moved.

Greeks have moved…

Today, it also continues to host ones who are called as ‘the others’.

Now, it is a home for;




And Africans…

I like that part of my city. I lived there during my university years, about 5 years. I will never forget my days there. Tarlabaşı is very special for me. It has a differant soul. I feel it.

It is so close to Istiklal Street and Taksim Square, but it is differant. While Istiklal Street live in its prosperous life, Tarlabashi has its own humble life.

Nowadays there is a renovation program. I am very dupthful about it. I feel it will sweap all the differant face of Tarlabaşı. Tarlabaşı soon will be as same as Taksim Street.  You will ask; Isn’t it nice?

No I don’t think so. I am folksy one… I hate lights… I hate brilliant cars… I hate fashion…

Sorry I am that.


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