Nowadays Taksim: the Pedestrianisation of Taksim Square

A crucial project, which will bring a great change to Taxim neighborhood of Istanbul, is lasting intensly. The project aims to build up ‘the pedestrianisation of  Taksim Square’.

For those who never visited Istanbul, I should make a brief presentation of it: Taksim with the square called with its name, is the most famous area of the city. It is known by both to have an historical value and to be an entertainment place. You can read some identical information about Taksim Square and The Monument  in my old post.

Not only for Taksim, but also for whole Istanbul’s identity, that setup is very iportant. Because of witnessing such an important event I feel responsible to make some works about it.

Thus, I decided to make a regular photo-work on that turn. Last week, I met a lawyer. Her bureau is in a building, which has a top view of whole that works. She gave me permission to take photographs.

Here you see my first photo-shoots about Taksim Renovation Project:


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality makes advertisement of the project pompously.


They have covered overground with such masses you see on background. Now they are preparing to fill underground similarly…


Labour sheds on area…


And labours… He is not aware of anything…


Later… There will not be ‘GEZİ PARKI’.. (Green zone of area)



Temporal pedestrian crossing…


Another famous mass: The Marmara…


Again, Gezi Parkı…


And finally, the president of Dogania… He is a mass, as well;

Omer Dogan |


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