‘Kadifes’ Collection (A Greek & Turkish Song)

Today I am going to tell you about an old song of Istanbul: Katifes/Kadifeden Kesesi

06.Fashion - Sofia Papazoğlu 1913 Büyükada

The famous Istanbul song Kadifeden Kesesi (or Bahriye Ciftetelli) has enjoyed great popularity among Greeks. Various Greek versions are found from early recordings, especially among Anatolian Greeks. The second song is sung in both Greek and Turkish and is from an old acoustic recording from the first decade of the 20th cent.


And I also should specify that, this song is performed in old Eastern music maqam, Ussak.  I made a collection of that song from various musicians. Here you see its lyrics in Turkish:

Its Lyrics (in Turkish):

Kadifeden kesesi
Kahveden gelir sesi
Oturmuş kumar oynar
Ciğerimin ahh ciğerimin köşesi

Aman yolla Beyoğluna yolla
Aman yola sevgilimi yolla
Yolla da yar yolla

Kadife yastığım yok
Ahh odana bastığım yok
Kitaba el basarım
Senden başka dostum yok

Aman yolla Beyoğluna yolla

Aman yola sevgilimi yolla
Yolla da yar yolla

I want to listen that song while I’m watching old Istanbul’s photos, especially girls of ıstanbul with traditional costumes…:)


02.body politicsIts Lyrics (in Greek):

Ο κατιφές

Στον κατιφένιο σου οντά, αμάν
Θέλω να ‘ρθω μια βραδιά
Να σου πω τα πάθη μου
Να με κλαις,
άντε να με κλαις αγάπη μου
Μ’ έκαψες

Μαύρα μάτια έχεις φως μου
Μαύρα είναι σαν την ελιά
Κι όποιος τα γλυκοφιλήσει
Του πληγώνουν,
αμάν του πληγώνουν την καρδιά
Μ’ έκαψες

clothing_from_istanbul_ottoman_empire._1873._1-armenian_bride_2-jewish_woman_of_constantinople_3-young_greek_girlΣαν τις μαρμαροκολόνες

που στην Αγια Σοφία
Έτσι τα ‘χεις ταιριαγμένα
Μάτια φρύδια,
άιντε μάτια φρύδια και μαλλιά
Μ’ έκαψες

Now let’s give our ears to a sound, which comes from history..:

#Number 1 ( Greek)

#Number 2 (Greek) ; Nicos Χατζόπουλος

#Number 3 (Turkish&Greek duet) ; Müzeyyen Sener & Roza Eskenazi

#Number 4 (Turkish) ;Candan Erçetin

#Number 5 (Turkish-with Greek accent) ; Savina Yannatou

#Number 6 (Turkish) ; Hamiyet Yüceses

#Number 7 (Turkish) ; Zeki Müren

#Number 8 (Greek) ; פרח אדום

#Number 9 (Greek) ; Ulviye Arse & Mikhalis Terlikkas

#Number 10 (Greek) ; ΜΑΡΙΚΑ ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΣΑ

# Number 11 (Greek) ; Mena

#Number 12 (Greek) ; Ρεθεμνιώτικα παραδοσιακά συρτά

#Number 13 (Greek) ; ΑΝΝΑ ΚΛΕΙΔΩΝΑΡΗ

#Number 14 (Greek) ; Ρόζα Εσκενάζυ

Final with Roza Eskenazi is great!!!


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  1. Kavita Joshi says:

    Awesome post..thank you so much for sharing dear 🙂


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