Places to See in Seoul; Gyeong-bok Gung Palace

DSC_0100This palace is one of the main palaces in Seoul and whole Korea, which built by Joseon Dynasty. Actually in Korean language the word ‘gung’ means ‘palace’,so maybe calling the palace as ‘Gyeonbok Palace’ is enough. DSC_0101

Gyeung-bok Gung depicts the Korean architecture very well. You can see unique roof architecture of the country. DSC_0081 Animals and animal figures take a great place in Korean culture. It is also involved into Korean architecture. Here is a Heachi sculpture. Heachi is an animal which is not a reel animal but a mythical symbol.


Although traditional Korean architecture is mostly timber, you can see such small stone particular elements, as well.

DSC_0036 And, in my view the best way of Korean architecture is its colorfull sweetness. It looks like the bird ‘peafowl’. I was charmed by it.


Look up! look up! the beauty is sky, the bauty is completed with Korean roofs….

DSC_0093Sometimes this colorful prettiness spreads to exterior walls.

DSC_0114The Korean roofs also have a function of climatization.

DSC_0075 I will not talk about the places in the palace complex. You can find a good information about the buildings in the palace on vikipedia.


Would you like to make a photo-trip, it is the absolute place for it.

DSC_0117 Then the doors; They are poems in every society…

DSC_0096-The End-

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