Bibimbap; from Korean Cuisine;

Bibimbap is one of the most famous Korean foods. It is written in Korean letters like that: 비빔밥. As a word it means ‘mixed rice’. Bibim (비빔) is to mix, and bap (밥) is rice. It is a vegetable based meal. Therefore, it is a great choice for vegetarian travellers. 

In 2011 CNN Travel listed this meal at number 40 on the world’s most delicious foods.

The most important thing for preparing and eating this food is that it needs to be in a visual order. Contrast colors must be near by each others in serving. And who are eating this food need to mix this vegetables with rice very well.

2 Responses to Bibimbap; from Korean Cuisine;

  1. Those are some great photos. Where did you take those shots? I want to try that restaurant.


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