Saranghae*! Love Locks at Seoul Namsan Tower in Korea

Nowadays something is becoming a common tradition of the whole world; Love Locks or Lock of Love or  whatever you call it. You can see them in so different places of the world; on a bridge in Paris or at a mountain in Seoul. I’m not sure whether it is a bad fashional imitation or a romantic movement. You decide it, but I know that they create beautiful presentations.


They are a kind of data. Like colorful diarybooks. Diarybooks of the world. When you see them it creates a reflex to look for some sigsn on locks in your own language. I tried to find Turkish names, and yes there was a love of Mehmet and Fahriye.

When I went to Namsan Tower of Seoul, I suprised with the amazing view of love lock trees there. The day I climbed to Namsan weather in Seoul was so misty, so I was not able to see a good city view. Anyway, I enjoyed with this locks.

And… Now let’s make a practice of this love locks over a Korean couple:


I haven’t talked about Namsan Tower itself, maybe nextime, but do not forget that Namsan is a Place You Must See in Korea.

-the end-

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One Response to Saranghae*! Love Locks at Seoul Namsan Tower in Korea

  1. Dogania says:

    * ‘Saranghae’ means ‘I love you’ in Korean language.


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