My Travel Route in January: Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia

With the new year eve I am leaving from Korea for a new, long travel. A travel which will last about one month.

My route starts in Bangkok with a flight from Seoul. And, about one month later, it again finishes in Bangkok with a flight to Seoul. travel routeDuring this one month, two times I will be in Thailand. In first time, I will stay there only two days. Then I will cross to Cambodia. After Cambodia, I plan to continue my route with Singapore and Malaysia. If I have time there, maybe I will adjust some time to see at least one island of Indonesia.

In 26th January, again I am going to be in Thailand. And I have my return-back-Seoul flight in 28th January.

We have so many things to see and live during next month. Therefore, keep going on to follow me. Maybe I will not be able to post my travel notes on time, but when I come back to Seoul sure I will tell about everything I live there.

By the way, for next month I scheduled some blog posts about my days in Korea. They will published automatically by blog.

See you later…




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