Places to See in Seoul; Insa-dong District

One of the most important place in Seoul to see is Insa-dong neighborhood. It is a district inside historical downtown of Seoul.DSC_0221In old Seoul, here was a place where poor families live, while today it is a turistic and magnificent area. DSC_0231The value of Insa-dong starts to increase during Japanese invasion. faced bad days, wealthy families of Bukchon village sell their precious goods here. And then, Insadong becomes a street of shopping. A kind of craft-street.

Insa-dong reminds me Istiklal Street of my city, Istanbul. And a bit similar Tophane area of Istiklal.

In here you can see calligraphy shops and masters. At the same time, you can see so many shops which are selling traditional Korean dresses named ‘hanbok‘.

dsc_0233While I am talking about Insa-dong, let’s talk a bit about Korean calligraphy. Again I will compare to my country. In Turkey, calligraphy with Arabic letters are common, and in Korea the characters for calligraphy are Chinese letters. img_0254And Insa-dong is a kind of meeting place for calligraphy masters in Korea. They have studios here, and calligraphy shops, as well.

In Insa-dong, always it is possible to find something interesting. It has street musicians, protesters, and so many persons who are making performing social activities.DSC_0325If you go there someday, don’t forget to try Insadong ice-cream. DSC_0329And, there are some very nice modern buildings in Insadong. I think they are worthy to see. dsc_0327-fin-

Note: Still I have more than 8 months to live in Seoul, if you want to learn more about this city and this country; follow my blog. On the left sidebar there is follow button.



One Response to Places to See in Seoul; Insa-dong District

  1. grace says:

    I had a walk for my first day at Insa dong. Nice place, will do it again….


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