The Things They Carried (by Tim O’Brien)

Hello and welcome to Dogania.

I would like to  make regular posts on books I read.  At least a photo or a brief paragraph will be enough. I also encourage you to add your comments about them.

Today my post will be about a book I recently read; The Things They Carried. 88f712a7-cae3-4ebc-ad73-674209574dff

I am not sure how to range it; a fiction,  an autobiography, or short stories. When you read the book you feel like this is what really happened to Tim O’Brien in Vietnam. Every chapter independently tastes a beautiful short story. A war story, a love story…

When I was reading this book I felt Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-5. Did anyone else have this reaction?

If you go as s soldier for a military operation abroad, what will you carry in your pockets or in your bag?

A photo? An object? Some candies?


4 Responses to The Things They Carried (by Tim O’Brien)

  1. inkbiotic says:

    I’ve not read this, but it’s an interesting idea. Little details can give away a lot about people or the situation they’re in, it’s revealing.

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  2. Omer Dogan says:

    Etgar Keret’s short story, “what do we have in our pockets?” can be attached to this post…
    What is different in Keret’s story is that
    he portrays what can we have for possible happenings in future, though, here it is more about the past.


  3. mrhighside420 says:

    Phone, wallet, knife and lighter, I don’t smoke anymore, but I guess the habit never left me.


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