Urbex Seoul 3; Waiting Sunrise Along the Han River

안녕 하세요 여러분! 제가 운동 하기를 시작 했어요. 매일 아침에 힌강에서 만날래? Han River, Seoul These days I am enjoying beautiful weather of Seoul by going down to Han River every morning before sunrise. During that time every thing is amazing, especially fascinating view of  river. Location; 200 meters from Hannam Station, between Hannam Bridge and Banpo Bridge.


Urbex Seoul 2; An Old Structure on Cheonggyecheon

I don’t know the story of this structure, but it deserves a post on Dogania. image Location; 200 meters from Sinseol-dong Subway Station (Line 1). Lets talk about the story of Cheonggyecheon project in a post next time. It is an appreciable change made by Seoul in recent years.

Dream Your Own Urban; Fill the blanks!

Rapid, uncontrolled and inegalitarian urbanization in Turkey, and the authoritarian impulse behind it, constitute an immense challenge to all citizens and make our cities virtually unlivable. We foster the idea that the city becomes livable when, as citizens, we make it our own; when we reclaim and create its common (public) spaces together. In this regard, making the city liveable becomes a form of dissent. Our objective is to encourage everyone to take part in ‘placemaking’ activities geared towards co-creating places of encounter in neighborhoods and opportunities to participate in communal activities. We aim to inspire and enable spontaneous urban interventions to turn the streets into the city’s living room. So let’s make this our common purpose and imagine it into being!

Project & production by Erman Topgül, Arzu Erturan, Gökçe Su Yoğurtçuoğlu, Merve Uçak, Fatih Bilgin, Hande Zerkin, Tan Mavitan.

Special thanks to İmre Azem as we used footages from his documentary film “Agoraphobia”; and to Ilgın Niron and Özlem Apaydın for acting in the animations.

Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons is a new project seeking to amplify the message of local struggles between citizens and urbanisation processes in Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. docnextnetwork.org/radical-democracy-reclaiming-commons/

This work is part of Doc Next Network Media Collection. For more info visit docnextnetwork.org/

Places to See in Seoul; Ssamzie-gil Complex

There is a nice building in Insadong, which is I think worthy to see. Just before talking about this building, let me introduce you the area firstly.

Insa-dong (인사동) is a central neighborhood of Seoul. It is so popular among tourists and art lovers. Later I am going to talk about Insadong more, but today I want to show you a building (or ‘complex’ is more accurate) in Insadong:

Ssamzie-gil Complex (쌈지길)DSC_0328I have learnt that it was built in 2004 by the Ssamzie Co. Ltd. The constructor company defines Ssamzie-gil as  “a bridge between the past and present.”

I think this building is successful both in case of architecture and usage. The day I was there it was full of people. It was almost possible to move.


Around the center courtyard, there is a gently-sloping ramp which allows users to reach upper floors. All this circulating ramp, from first level to top is about half a kilometer. Along this ramp so many storefronts offer so nice artcrafts and other goods.


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Places to See in Seoul; Gyeong-bok Gung Palace

DSC_0100This palace is one of the main palaces in Seoul and whole Korea, which built by Joseon Dynasty. Actually in Korean language the word ‘gung’ means ‘palace’,so maybe calling the palace as ‘Gyeonbok Palace’ is enough. DSC_0101

Gyeung-bok Gung depicts the Korean architecture very well. You can see unique roof architecture of the country. DSC_0081 Animals and animal figures take a great place in Korean culture. It is also involved into Korean architecture. Here is a Heachi sculpture. Heachi is an animal which is not a reel animal but a mythical symbol.


Although traditional Korean architecture is mostly timber, you can see such small stone particular elements, as well.

DSC_0036 And, in my view the best way of Korean architecture is its colorfull sweetness. It looks like the bird ‘peafowl’. I was charmed by it.


Look up! look up! the beauty is sky, the bauty is completed with Korean roofs….

DSC_0093Sometimes this colorful prettiness spreads to exterior walls.

DSC_0114The Korean roofs also have a function of climatization.

DSC_0075 I will not talk about the places in the palace complex. You can find a good information about the buildings in the palace on vikipedia.


Would you like to make a photo-trip, it is the absolute place for it.

DSC_0117 Then the doors; They are poems in every society…

DSC_0096-The End-


A Commercial Area in Seoul; Yeouido

DSC_0464This year i want to not only tell you about Korea’s traditional appearance, at the same time I want to analyse the modern landscape of this country.

Actually my first observation about this country -especially about Seoul- is that South Korea doesn’t have so much cultural heritage. The country of Samsung and Hyundai is a modern country more than to be traditional….

The area in the photo is Yeouido. It is a new commercial settlement so close to Han River  in Seoul.

Coming Soon; Istanbul’s New Ugly Occupiers

geliyorlarIstanbul’s new items are appearing on horizon. They are coming. And, they will never go back. Istanbul’s face will change second by second..geliyorlar2

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Behind the Gate; the Occupiers

Kapının ArdıPlace: the Grand Entrance of Dolmabahce Palace, ‘the Gate of Sultan’

On Background some moder-century materials grow up to sky…


What is Happening in Istanbul (Occupying a Park)

Turkey Protest

As months ago I have mentioned, a big destroying project is proceeding in Istanbul. A part of this process is to cut trees in Gezi Parkı area. (See the post here)

It is aimed to re-build the missing structure, Taxim Topçu Military Barrack (Taksim Topçu Kışlası), which has extincted completely a century ago. Now goverment dreams to recontruct this building. We architects, we think that re-creating a completely disappeared monuments  is nonsense.  Furthermore, they plan to make this building as a mall. Maybe this makes it clear: Capitalism has a dream. If it dreams so it it can re-build the Babel Tower.

They tried to start up cutting trees two days ago. So far, young environmentalist activists have resisted against police and the governement’s brutality.


As inhabitants of this city, we are not complacent, because Istanbul is becoming empire of the concrete. Everywhere is becoming full of mass, full of these ugly huge buildings.timthumb

Istanbul deputy of Kurdish Party Sırrı Süreyya Önder helped halt an operation to remove trees in Taksim Gezi Park when he obstructed the path of a bulldozer, amid running altercations between demonstrators on one side and police and company workers on the other. Önder demanded the license for the demolition, which was not provided by municipality workers.

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What I Saw in Architecture School

DSC_0105We, architects and our little sisters and brothers, who are on way of being architect, we are lucky. We pass through a colorful stage in our life.

We live a period of our life in such beautiful places.

Holes of architecture schools are full of gorgeous materials. And if you are a bit interested in photography, it is a lab of photoghraphy. Enjoy yourself.

Ihm… I am gonna continue to share colors of architecture school. Just keep on following…

Work: from a student exhibition in Architecture Faculty of Istanbul Technical University (shortly ITU), May 2013


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