Dream Your Own Urban; Fill the blanks!

Rapid, uncontrolled and inegalitarian urbanization in Turkey, and the authoritarian impulse behind it, constitute an immense challenge to all citizens and make our cities virtually unlivable. We foster the idea that the city becomes livable when, as citizens, we make it our own; when we reclaim and create its common (public) spaces together. In this regard, making the city liveable becomes a form of dissent. Our objective is to encourage everyone to take part in ‘placemaking’ activities geared towards co-creating places of encounter in neighborhoods and opportunities to participate in communal activities. We aim to inspire and enable spontaneous urban interventions to turn the streets into the city’s living room. So let’s make this our common purpose and imagine it into being!

Project & production by Erman Topgül, Arzu Erturan, Gökçe Su Yoğurtçuoğlu, Merve Uçak, Fatih Bilgin, Hande Zerkin, Tan Mavitan.

Special thanks to İmre Azem as we used footages from his documentary film “Agoraphobia”; and to Ilgın Niron and Özlem Apaydın for acting in the animations.

Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons is a new project seeking to amplify the message of local struggles between citizens and urbanisation processes in Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. docnextnetwork.org/radical-democracy-reclaiming-commons/

This work is part of Doc Next Network Media Collection. For more info visit docnextnetwork.org/


Lotus Lantern Festival in Korea

These days there is a very nice festival in Seoul which is held in honor of Buddha’s birthday.


More photos from the festival you can see in my post on Seyahatya.


November, 2013 – Seoul, South Korea.

Saranghae*! Love Locks at Seoul Namsan Tower in Korea

Nowadays something is becoming a common tradition of the whole world; Love Locks or Lock of Love or  whatever you call it. You can see them in so different places of the world; on a bridge in Paris or at a mountain in Seoul. I’m not sure whether it is a bad fashional imitation or a romantic movement. You decide it, but I know that they create beautiful presentations.


They are a kind of data. Like colorful diarybooks. Diarybooks of the world. When you see them it creates a reflex to look for some sigsn on locks in your own language. I tried to find Turkish names, and yes there was a love of Mehmet and Fahriye.

When I went to Namsan Tower of Seoul, I suprised with the amazing view of love lock trees there. The day I climbed to Namsan weather in Seoul was so misty, so I was not able to see a good city view. Anyway, I enjoyed with this locks.

And… Now let’s make a practice of this love locks over a Korean couple:


I haven’t talked about Namsan Tower itself, maybe nextime, but do not forget that Namsan is a Place You Must See in Korea.

-the end-

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Handicrafts with Rice Straw (Namsangol Village)

In Korea and other far-Asian countries rice is very special in whole areas of life. Their meals are from rice, their desserts are from rice, and of course their handcrafts are from rice.

When I went to Namsangol village, I got chance to watch this craftsman’s skill, and to photograph them.

It seems that our Nigerian classmate really liked the village. Actually he made a good composition with the Korean village.

Behind Riots in Istanbul – 1

I like anarchist creativity. In case of riots, tons of such creative works come into existance. Taksim Gezi Park Riots also was a rich happening. There were many inspiring art works in the area of riots. Some of them was graffiti, some of them was quotes, and some of them was only a creative solution just like this one in below:1

Here is a Mask of Anonymous, which serves the water… And on background a girl is smoking. Maybe that also adds a harmony to photo…


What I Saw in Architecture School

DSC_0105We, architects and our little sisters and brothers, who are on way of being architect, we are lucky. We pass through a colorful stage in our life.

We live a period of our life in such beautiful places.

Holes of architecture schools are full of gorgeous materials. And if you are a bit interested in photography, it is a lab of photoghraphy. Enjoy yourself.

Ihm… I am gonna continue to share colors of architecture school. Just keep on following…

Work: from a student exhibition in Architecture Faculty of Istanbul Technical University (shortly ITU), May 2013


Monumets And Tourists

”How I look honey…”

”A photo please…”

I like to take photographs of people who are posing for someone else. In pursuit of my that goal I walk around famous places much.

Monuments and tourists...

For me in prominent places, there can be seen some other things to photo apart from prominent thing itself. At the front of a famous monument it can be seen a man posing very naturally for her girlfriend. That is art. I don’t care about famous statue on background. Or I care, but I dont make it my focus.

Meanwhile, I can give some extra information about that statue. Why that man are posing in front of it…  It is Republic Monument of Taksim (‘Cumhuriyet Anıtı’ in Turkish). It is located in the most famous square of Turkey, Taksim Square. It was designed by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica in year of 1928. Taksim Square is an important site, where many ceremonies are being held.  The most significant of them is 1 May, International Workers’ Day. At 1 May, one million of people gather in Taksim Square.

So, stay with me to learn about my city,Istanbul more….Aamir Dogan

Speaking Walls 3 : Yo! Ahmed

Dogania Street Art

Colored graffitis of Beyoglu… It doesn’t need an explanation: ‘Ahmed’ is the most called name in Turkey, and ‘yo2 means ‘no’….

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

A friend from Couchsurfing inquired about graffitis in Istanbul last week. I took care of his wish. And looked around in Istanbul. Contributing my ‘speaking walls’ project, I really enjoyed to see these beuties.

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

Almost all of the great graffitis in Istanbul take place in one district: BEYOGLU. Beyoglu is sosyo-cultural center of Istanbul.

Every streets of Beyoglu is famous with something special. One of the special places of it is GALATA.
Galata apart from its other loveliness, is a pretty place with its street graffitis.

Lets look at this beauty through my lens:

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

Sometimes an African boy can involve into this harmony…

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

Sometimes coal sacks complete the composition…

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

Shops appreciate graffitis’ value

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

This wall smells like Banksy’s

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

Little sign…

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul


A bit advertaisement…

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

At Yoruk Street, Painted wall…

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

Who the fuck is Erol Egemen… This is a jargon from a movie…

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

Speaking Walls 2 : Grafitis of Istanbul

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