Constantinople’s Beautiful Days During Multilingual Empire

A photo of Istanbul from the last days of Ottoman Empire. A bakery shop in Ortakoy. Name of the shop is written in 6 languages: Turkish, Armenian, Greek, English, Russian, and Hebrew….

It depicts the multilingual face of the Empire. Contrary to Turkey’s one-language-dictation, it shows there was a language freedom during Ottomans.


Sadly, most of Ottoman Empire fans in Turkey are severely anti-minority languages. A sign in Kurdish or Laz language may cause a big problem. Shop owner needs to struggle with both laws and public reactions. Even though recent reforms allow more freedom, public pressure, which is called mahalle baskisi (neighborhood pressure) becomes more suffocating.


Dream Your Own Urban; Fill the blanks!

Rapid, uncontrolled and inegalitarian urbanization in Turkey, and the authoritarian impulse behind it, constitute an immense challenge to all citizens and make our cities virtually unlivable. We foster the idea that the city becomes livable when, as citizens, we make it our own; when we reclaim and create its common (public) spaces together. In this regard, making the city liveable becomes a form of dissent. Our objective is to encourage everyone to take part in ‘placemaking’ activities geared towards co-creating places of encounter in neighborhoods and opportunities to participate in communal activities. We aim to inspire and enable spontaneous urban interventions to turn the streets into the city’s living room. So let’s make this our common purpose and imagine it into being!

Project & production by Erman Topgül, Arzu Erturan, Gökçe Su Yoğurtçuoğlu, Merve Uçak, Fatih Bilgin, Hande Zerkin, Tan Mavitan.

Special thanks to İmre Azem as we used footages from his documentary film “Agoraphobia”; and to Ilgın Niron and Özlem Apaydın for acting in the animations.

Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons is a new project seeking to amplify the message of local struggles between citizens and urbanisation processes in Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

This work is part of Doc Next Network Media Collection. For more info visit

Man and the Ball

ossiYes there has been a mistake in evolution. We, human race need to fly like a bird. And today, we aim to re-correct this mistake by football…

Photo; Istanbul, Turkey.

by Omar Ali Khandro


City Lights in Istanbul

Right after a sunset, city lights of Istanbul. It was a few months ago, when I was about to leave my city. Following a rainy day, full of loneliness…

City Lights… The lights which hinder us to watch stars during nights…    The lights which make us feel we are lonely at all…

Maybe this kid’s song will be good to complete this post:

Coming Soon; Istanbul’s New Ugly Occupiers

geliyorlarIstanbul’s new items are appearing on horizon. They are coming. And, they will never go back. Istanbul’s face will change second by second..geliyorlar2

For the news about this ugly buildings: here


Behind the Gate; the Occupiers

Kapının ArdıPlace: the Grand Entrance of Dolmabahce Palace, ‘the Gate of Sultan’

On Background some moder-century materials grow up to sky…

Behind Riots in Istanbul – 1

I like anarchist creativity. In case of riots, tons of such creative works come into existance. Taksim Gezi Park Riots also was a rich happening. There were many inspiring art works in the area of riots. Some of them was graffiti, some of them was quotes, and some of them was only a creative solution just like this one in below:1

Here is a Mask of Anonymous, which serves the water… And on background a girl is smoking. Maybe that also adds a harmony to photo…

Taksim And Wire Fence



There should be a lyric to verse, right now… A poem full of freedom cries….

Photo;  May 9, 2013…. (by Dogania)


Natural and Unnatural Colors


Here is Taksim Square, where a big riot occured last days. I photographed it a few days before beginning of events.(For whom they uaware of this event please look at my previous posts)

The Photo and its Story:

A peddler stuated his stuff on board. And on board, there is the  scheme of the project, which has caused whole this events. I don’t know what to say about this case. maybe it show the real color and unreal colors to us.

Nowadays My City, Istanbul



I could not recognize my Istanbul in these days. It is a bit like Syria, maybe Egypt, Tahrir… Who is fighting? Against who…? Everywhere is gas, fire…

If you dont know anything about events, here is a news on cnn. Read it:


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