Yar-e-Dabestani e-man (My Classmate) – Iranian Song

Yar-e Dabestaniye Man (“My Classmate” in Persian) first performed in the mid 1970s and became popular with the anti-Shah students in the colleges and universities in Iran. It is known to be Fereydoun Foroghi’s song. Ironically, this song like many other anti-shah songs later was revived against the Islamic regime by the anti-Islamic revolutionary student. I heard it many times during demonstrations of pro-reformists’ in 2004.




Worn Out Internet Bookmarks

Yesterday, when I happened to check files in my portable disk, I came across some internet bookmarks which I used to follow 7-8 years ago. Most probably I did save them to that disk before reformatting my PC. I remember, I used to follow those pages regularly. That time, their contents ranged from news pages and social sites to blogs and forum pages.  Inside those web pages, today,

Some of them are still active, and they seems to have many followers as before

Some of them exist, but not updated since long time ago, today they looks like an archive,

And the others totally have been shut down.

In the Internet age (you may find another name for it; cyber world,  media world) changes are too fast. In a few years any product (or person, or webpage) that is popular becomes obsolete.  For instance, Mirc, Nokia…  The question for companies is whether they make one of their products (or webpage) obsolete or their competitors. If one of your competitors makes it, then your company will be in trouble. This is a common fear of popular companies, and it must be. In 1990’s Microsoft had that fear, and today Google needs to have it.

Anyhow… good music never becomes worn out. enjoy this beautiful Turkish cover:

Gudi; An Ancient Chaldean Song from Hakkari

Young girl sing for her lover Ammo ( Emanuel ) and she says ; l make fresh butter for my love ” Ammo ” ! …l ‘m tired, but doesn’t matter, l ‘ll go on to make butter for him… l love you Ammo ! …


Korean Person Performing Azerbaijani Maqam

Music maqams of Middle Eastern cultures is a huge tradition. Especially Kurds and Azarbaijanis are two most important owners of this tradition.

It makes a good feeling to see that a Korean person performing something from my culture. Koreans are mostly interested in popular culture and its features like pop music. Therefore, Koreans of this sort are special. Thank you man. Thank you Kim Seoq!

‘Ere Ninna’ (in 4 languages)

Evlerinin Önü Yonca is famous song on different lands of Ottoman Empire. The original of the song looks to be Greek. However, Kurdish and Turkish versions of it also are known very well.

Here I tried to make a collection of its versions in different 4 languages.


Kurdish: (Zazaki)

Arabic (mix with Turkish accent):


and  in Turkish:

Here is its lyric in Turkish language:

evlerinin önü yonca
yonca kalkmış dam boyunca
boyu uzun beli ince

ninna yavrum ninna
esmer yavrum ninna
ninna ninna

evlerinin önü lala
saki doldur ver piyala
sarhoş olak düşek yola

ninna yavrum ninna
esmer yavrum ninna
ninna ninna

evlerinin önü bakla
güvercinler atar takla
al beni koynunda sakla

ninna yavrum ninna
esmer yavrum ninna
ninna ninna

evlerinin önü susam
sıyrılıp koynuna girsem
her gün sabah boyun görsem

ninna yavrum ninna
esmer yavrum ninna
ninna ninna

Anyway, Don’t Let the Song Stop

Through a music clip; the brief story of our modern times. Sometimes very sad, sometimes full of fun. More than a clip, it is definetely a short movie. Actually I don’t like Korean Pop, but this one is not a song. I found it by coincidence, then it was all in one breath I watched this 15-minutes-video.


the Girl from Sevilla (Bint El Shalabiya)

Today I’m going to share an Arabic song with you; Bint El Shalabiya. It means:  the Girl from Sevilla (a city in the south of Spain where in medieval times Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in peace together).

Now let’s listen it from unquestionably  the best one; Fairuz:

The song also known by the name of Al bint al Chalabiye. In this case it means the beautiful girl. Chalabi refers to beautiful in Arabic language. However, I still want to use the first one, because this song smells more Sevilla. As you know Sevilla and Cordoba are two daughters of Andalusia. And Andalusia is the mother of marvellous music of the world.

I recommend you to listen this song also from the band; Arabandi:

Arabandi’s instruments have a tone which reminds the East and dessert. This music band was created in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1999. I find them very successful. As their album name says ‘East Meets East’, yes their music composes a new Eastern pleasure from Eastern.

And finally, let’s try the Arabic music band of Turkey; Nidal:

I think Nidal is obviously one of the most important band which introduces Arabic music to people of Turkey. Although in Turkey, good music listeners had been familiar to Arabic music because of Fairuz and Omm Khultum, Nidal has been the first domestic group which gained the appreciate of people.


Shorora; An Armenian Folk Song

Shorora is an Armenian folk song. It is very touchy. There are so many sorts of it. I selected one which is my favorite:

Araksia Gyulzadyan – Shorora

Gyulzadyan is important for the history of Armenian music. She is the first woman performer of Armenian traditional music.

Here are its Lyrics in Armenian:

paghen tradz blboul em
bardezin bogadz smpoul em
ov vor sirds hasgana
yes nran ghourban ou ghoul em

shorora, tarlan, shorora
shahmar houyst yerera
shorora, djeyran, shorora
yervadz srdis hov era
kishern antsav koun tchounim
shorora, tarlan, shorora
savtakar em doun tchounim
ghanatnert pats, hov era

aghpuir em sari srdin
djar al tchga srdis dardin
amen antsort ge khme
blbouln e dzarav al vartin

shorora, tarlan, shorora
shahmar houyst yerera
shorora, djeyran, shorora
yervadz srdis hov era
kishern antsav koun tchounim
shorora, tarlan, shorora
savtakar em doun tchounim
ghanatnert pats, hov era

zepuir em, saren gou kam
yervadz srderoun hov gou dam
al vartin, alvan vartin
im shaghers sirov gou dam

And Shirosho also represented this song at eurovision. For listening it, here.

Le Trio Joubran – Masar

I like this song. I don’t know how many times I have listened it. Still it gives a great taste. How it can be such touchy even without words. Maybe it is the power of Oud… Lets travel through Oud’s miracoulous sounds to the secret paths… 

By the way ‘masar’ means ‘path’ in Arabic.

On Every Beat Of My Wings


Today I want to listen to Brenna MacCrimmon, and make you listen her, too. She is a Kanadian musician. Since the late 1980s, she is performing and teaching Balkanic and Turkish musics. She also has a very sweet Turkish accent.This can clearly be seen through her songs.

She is widely known as Turkish folk musician. Here is one of her great performance. It is from Fatih Akin’s documantary, which is based on Istanbul’s musics; Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul (2005)

Its Lyrics, both in Turkish and English:

Ben bir bülbül olsam ötsem bahçelerde 

(If i were a nightingale singing in gardens)

Her türkümde yaksam adını üzerine

(If i would sing all my songs for your name)

Her sabah şakırım gülüm

(I would warble every morning, my rose)

Gülüm ninna ni na nay•´ ♥ ☆ ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥

Ben bir martı olsam uçsam denizlere 

(If i were a nightingale flying towards the seas)

Rüzgarlara açsam giderim sehere

(If i open my wings, i would go to dawn)

Her kanadımı çarpışta,

(On every beat of my wings)

Gülüm ninna ne na nay•´ ♥ ☆ ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥


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