Yar-e-Dabestani e-man (My Classmate) – Iranian Song

Yar-e Dabestaniye Man (“My Classmate” in Persian) first performed in the mid 1970s and became popular with the anti-Shah students in the colleges and universities in Iran. It is known to be Fereydoun Foroghi’s song. Ironically, this song like many other anti-shah songs later was revived against the Islamic regime by the anti-Islamic revolutionary student. I heard it many times during demonstrations of pro-reformists’ in 2004.




City Lights and Charlie Chaplin’s Eyes

The City (Cavafy), Filmed by Augustin Amri

A film on “The City”, a poem by Greek Poet Constantine Kavafis, written in 1910. Adapted, written, shot, edited, acted and directed by Augustin Amri, Jean Deconinck, Alexei Kirillov Jr, Camille Rozier.

Anyway, Don’t Let the Song Stop

Through a music clip; the brief story of our modern times. Sometimes very sad, sometimes full of fun. More than a clip, it is definetely a short movie. Actually I don’t like Korean Pop, but this one is not a song. I found it by coincidence, then it was all in one breath I watched this 15-minutes-video.



November, 2013 – Seoul, South Korea.

Wind Along the Coast (Short Film)

A great animated movie  by Ivan Maximov. This time it is not rainy, but windy. One morning in a coastal village an unbeknown wind occurs, and events happen… 

It is very effective. As much as reading a wonderful book.

Le Trio Joubran – Masar

I like this song. I don’t know how many times I have listened it. Still it gives a great taste. How it can be such touchy even without words. Maybe it is the power of Oud… Lets travel through Oud’s miracoulous sounds to the secret paths… 

By the way ‘masar’ means ‘path’ in Arabic.

When I am Sad…

“When I am Sad”, a short film created by Aglaia Mortcheva,2008

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