It is a lovely idea; from every country a partner blogger.  My first partner is from Portugal.

You can read more about it here.


From Portugal, Carlota : (pre)concept: (April, 2013)

”(pre)conceptt is a blog about travelling and enjoying what your own country has to offer – with a random post or two about nothing special”                                 –#my first partner blogger

From Germany, EvezFraulein Wanderlust! (April, 2013)

”The founder of Partner-Blogs


(Note: Anybody, who wants to be my partner, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Unlike my blog-partners, I do not put my partners’ countries’ flag to here… Do not ask why. It is about my political view…)


2 Responses to Partner-Blogs

  1. Evez says:

    I listed you as my partner blog! 🙂 Sorry it took me so long and thank you for your sweet comments! 😉 I am looking forward to a great and long blog-partnership with you. BTW I am planning on visiting Istandbul next year! *excited


  2. Dogania says:

    🙂 ok. thank you dear evez,. my blog partner…oh! come evez, be sure you will like istanbul…


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