Why Protestors Carry American Flags in Korea

Since the impeachment of the president Park Geun-hye,  pro-Park demonstrators have been holding protests every Saturday in the heart of Seoul, in front of the City Hall. Till the impeachment, mass protests had been done in the same place by millions of anti-Park demonstrators.

The protestors are mostly elder members of the society. It is so hard to find someone younger than 30’s, even than 40’s. They are angry to anti-Park protestors. They blame anti-Park groups as North Korea sympathisers. They are also angry toward mainstream media.

This week I happened to see one of these rallies on the place. I was so surprised by the number of American flags being waved by protestors. As many as Korean flags, they carry American flags.

I wonder whether pro-Park demonstrators’ love of American flag causes an anti-reaction,  anti-American feelings on the other side. Most analysts believe that Korea’s ties with China will be better with the next administration, most probably Ahn Cheool-soo or Moon Jae-in’s presidency. Even some people say that a sharp shift similar to one in the Philippines will hapen….

Other than American flags, the other interesting thing is symbol and banners of Christian groups. I saw many symbols of Christianity.



A Small But Very Nice Islamic Charity Bazaar in Seoul

These days there is a very pleasent flea market in Seoul. It is named “Charity Bazaar” which is hold by Islamic Cultural Center of Korea. The place of the event is on the yard of Central Mosque in Itaewon. That place is also famous to be a gathering point for Muslims in the city. Culture and traditional food buffs will undoubtedly be pleased with this experience available in Seoul.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetThis bazaar (or flea market) is going to be there for 3 days.

You can see and buy there some kinds of handmade souvenirs which are mostly made in Turkey. I liked those ceramic pots for sauce the most.  Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetAnother amazing thing is that you can make yourself full with delicious Turkish kebabs. At least as a Turkish resident of Seoul I did so.

To be honest, it is a long time  I haven’t tried such delicious  döner as I ate today.

A nice coincidence, döner chef has a same name with me: Omer Usta.  Omer Usta is a master of his job. He really does well. 

By the way, the price of döner is quite conveniet;

5,000 Won + Free drink.


Together with döner you have chance to order Afghani pilaf, just beside Ömer Usta’s stand.  Moreover, I added some vegetables to my order, then it became a dream food for me.

There are some alternatives for döner like köfte. If you don’t like döner, you can try them. I always prefer döner!

The price for köfte and döner is same.

After eating your food you may try some desserts like sütlaç, baklava, or revani. My choice is sütlaç. It is Turkish style rice puding.

And sure Turkish ice cream….

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

And students of Islamic Culture Center of Korea. I think the most colorful face of this event is those kids around with their traditional dresses.

Although they said they are planning to hold this event annually, I couldn’t wait till next year. Therefore I am planning to go there tomorrow or Sunday, once more. If anyone wants to join me, let me know. We can go together.

Enjoy Korean Tteok (떡)

Tteok is a kind of Korean cake-dessert. It has a few different kinds, and it is made with rice flour.  

If you go to Korea, do not forget to try it. And it is the best to try it with honey and a Korean tea. 

DSC_0243By the way, it is very special in Korean society, because Koreans eat it in their special days like New Year’s Day (설 날) and Jusouk (주석).


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Places to See in Seoul; Bukchon Hanok Village


As I mentioned in previous posts, ‘hanok’ is the name of traditional Korean house. And, ‘bukchon’ as a word means ‘the north village’. It is located on the historic downtown, near by two palaces.

DSC_0279There was a narrow way to village. When I went to Bukchon I used it.

DSC_0282Yes it was a good way.

DSC_0283It was a good way, because on that road I encountered to this nice things.

DSC_0288 Some animals have special meanings in Korean culture. You can see so many interesting animal figures in historical districts.


In Hanok architecture, roofs are on the foreground. To understand the beauty of places, you need to look up a bit.

DSC_0295Bukchon village has an amazing roofscape view; you should never miss it.DSC_0296

Places to See in Seoul; Ssamzie-gil Complex

There is a nice building in Insadong, which is I think worthy to see. Just before talking about this building, let me introduce you the area firstly.

Insa-dong (인사동) is a central neighborhood of Seoul. It is so popular among tourists and art lovers. Later I am going to talk about Insadong more, but today I want to show you a building (or ‘complex’ is more accurate) in Insadong:

Ssamzie-gil Complex (쌈지길)DSC_0328I have learnt that it was built in 2004 by the Ssamzie Co. Ltd. The constructor company defines Ssamzie-gil as  “a bridge between the past and present.”

I think this building is successful both in case of architecture and usage. The day I was there it was full of people. It was almost possible to move.


Around the center courtyard, there is a gently-sloping ramp which allows users to reach upper floors. All this circulating ramp, from first level to top is about half a kilometer. Along this ramp so many storefronts offer so nice artcrafts and other goods.


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Hei-Kyung Hong’s 60th Birthday Feast

sofWhen I went to the Korea House, which is a center for introduction of traditional Korean foods, I met with this rich table’s exhibition. It is named as ‘HyeKyunggung’s 60th Birthday Feast’, but I couldn’t find anything about it in internet. May someone who knows what it is help me?

By the way, I just lernt that Hei-Kyung Hong is a famous Korean-American operatic lyric soprano. I supposed to be a ancient king or queen, eheh:)


Saranghae*! Love Locks at Seoul Namsan Tower in Korea

Nowadays something is becoming a common tradition of the whole world; Love Locks or Lock of Love or  whatever you call it. You can see them in so different places of the world; on a bridge in Paris or at a mountain in Seoul. I’m not sure whether it is a bad fashional imitation or a romantic movement. You decide it, but I know that they create beautiful presentations.


They are a kind of data. Like colorful diarybooks. Diarybooks of the world. When you see them it creates a reflex to look for some sigsn on locks in your own language. I tried to find Turkish names, and yes there was a love of Mehmet and Fahriye.

When I went to Namsan Tower of Seoul, I suprised with the amazing view of love lock trees there. The day I climbed to Namsan weather in Seoul was so misty, so I was not able to see a good city view. Anyway, I enjoyed with this locks.

And… Now let’s make a practice of this love locks over a Korean couple:


I haven’t talked about Namsan Tower itself, maybe nextime, but do not forget that Namsan is a Place You Must See in Korea.

-the end-

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Handicrafts with Rice Straw (Namsangol Village)

In Korea and other far-Asian countries rice is very special in whole areas of life. Their meals are from rice, their desserts are from rice, and of course their handcrafts are from rice.

When I went to Namsangol village, I got chance to watch this craftsman’s skill, and to photograph them.

It seems that our Nigerian classmate really liked the village. Actually he made a good composition with the Korean village.

A Village of Traditional Houses in the Namsan Valley, Seoul

If one day you get the chance to travel Korea you will see them very much; Hanok villages. ‘Hanok’ is the name of traditional Korean house. And ‘hanok villages’ are composed of this houses. They are famous with their hanok-style roofs. To see this kind of villages from upside is a very nice pleasure.

In Korea, not all of them, but at least a few of them is worthy to see. Today I am going to introduce to you one of this hanok villages:

Namsangol Hanok Village 

It is inside the Seoul city, in front of famous Namsan mountain, and Namsan Tower.

Every Child is an Art

Do you remember the quote of Pablo Picasso about children:

‘Every child is an artist’

When I visited the most famous Korean palace , Gyeon-buk Gung in Seoul, I met this lovely sisters. They also were wandering the palace with their father.  Both them and me interested each other. They were enjoying to see a non-asian face, and me; to enjoy watching this kind of art.

Yes, children are art. Watching their daily life is like an artistic movie…

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