Shore of Kadikoy, Istanbul

Nights in my city are beautiful incomparably.Kadıkoy istanbul

Blue sky and blue bosphorus get together during Istanbul’s nights. Between them, ships and pier become their ornaments…

In this photo; it is seen the shore of Kadıkoy (aka Khalkedon). Kadikoy is the first spot of Asian side of Istanbul.  I photoghrahed it from side of Haidarpasha (historic railway station).

One more detail about Kadikoy; it is great to travel from Beşiktaş to Kadıköy during sunset. The taste of seeing silhouette of historic Istanbul is very delicious…

Ömer Dogan | the blogger of Istabul


Hermit Ibıs Birds of Khalkedon


One side of Istanbul begins with Kadikoy (aka Khalkedon or Chalcedon of ancient times). And there is a pier which lie along shore. Up that pier, there are usually birds. Most of them are hermit ibisis and seagulls. Whiling floating close by that pier, I think that they are doing some rituels…

I don’t know what it is…. Maybe it is that they are looking for;


Photo: 31.12.2012 | Aamir Dogan | Dogania (Your sight in Istanbul & Turkey)

Speaking Walls 3 : Yo! Ahmed

Dogania Street Art

Colored graffitis of Beyoglu… It doesn’t need an explanation: ‘Ahmed’ is the most called name in Turkey, and ‘yo2 means ‘no’….

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