Coup D’état Diary

FB_IMG_1470618074956Sorry, recently I have neglected the blog too much. There is the backlog of thousand matters to talk about. Let them stay in the pocket for future posts, but take the most breathtaking topic:  D’état Coup Attempt in Turkey, in my beloved country.

Since last few weeks many of my colleagues from different countries called me to ask about me and my family. They watched news about Turkey, they were worried.  Their words were full of pity.

Do you know how it feels when people worry about your country?

Living abroad loads you whole the burden of news about your own country in the global media.

Is Turkey safe now?

We want to travel Tukey, but we heard there is ISIS…

Turkey is a very beautiful country. Your foods are very delicious. What was its name? Kebab? Yes, yes kebab!

Not only my friends but also people I encounter in supermarket or coiffeur asked me about happenings in Turkey. Thanks to them I did learn that the word in Korean referring to coup is kuteta  (쿠데타), which looks to be a loan word from French.

Turn back to coup day.

Only A few hours before the coup attempt I had a flight from Istanbul to Seoul. After 10 hours of flying, I arrived my home in Seoul. I wanted to take a short nap, but my phone didn’t let me sleep with notification raids. When I checked my smart phone there were hundreds of messages mostly from Whatsapp groups. What I found out was something of a surprise.  People were talking about an abnormal thing. Turkey had turned into chaos…

During next hours I did follow the happenings second by second from TV broadcastings. Turkey was being hijacked by an evil cabal. It was like an action movie.

Do you know how it feels when you are watching your country is in fire, while you are thousands of miles away from it?

Coup attempt failed. With a great support ruling party brought about another victory.

Now on, the Ruling Party will be stronger as never been before. Nietzsche says; What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

We experienced that there would be thousands of people, company or institutions to denounce the coup if it fails.  As we experienced that they clapped army commanders in successfully carried out coups in 1950’s, 1960’s, 1980’s.

From a distance, I follow the escalating ferocity of Turkey’s political battles. You may blame me to be a passive bystander. I don’t have any other choice but to do so. Because I know well that sometimes, politicians and interest groups welcome conflict in pursuit of a broader ideological goal. I don’t claim the coup attempt was a play, but I am sure it is welcomed by someone.

What do we do here; to blame… Blame the opponent to be a traitor, a hain… Compete in patriotism


Shore of Kadikoy, Istanbul

Nights in my city are beautiful incomparably.Kadıkoy istanbul

Blue sky and blue bosphorus get together during Istanbul’s nights. Between them, ships and pier become their ornaments…

In this photo; it is seen the shore of Kadıkoy (aka Khalkedon). Kadikoy is the first spot of Asian side of Istanbul.  I photoghrahed it from side of Haidarpasha (historic railway station).

One more detail about Kadikoy; it is great to travel from Beşiktaş to Kadıköy during sunset. The taste of seeing silhouette of historic Istanbul is very delicious…

Ömer Dogan | the blogger of Istabul

Hermit Ibıs Birds of Khalkedon


One side of Istanbul begins with Kadikoy (aka Khalkedon or Chalcedon of ancient times). And there is a pier which lie along shore. Up that pier, there are usually birds. Most of them are hermit ibisis and seagulls. Whiling floating close by that pier, I think that they are doing some rituels…

I don’t know what it is…. Maybe it is that they are looking for;


Photo: 31.12.2012 | Aamir Dogan | Dogania (Your sight in Istanbul & Turkey)


Speaking Walls 3 : Yo! Ahmed

Dogania Street Art

Colored graffitis of Beyoglu… It doesn’t need an explanation: ‘Ahmed’ is the most called name in Turkey, and ‘yo2 means ‘no’….

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